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  Artist:      Funeral For A Friend
  Album:       Welcome Home Armageddon
  Label:       Good Fight/Roadrunner Records
  Playtime:    40:36 min
  Genre:       Rock
  Rip date:    2011-03-11
  Street date: 2011-03-15
  Size:        68.26 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     221 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

   Produced by previous collaborator Romesh Dodangoda, the band homed in on the
   essence of their new material in a way which would present the new tracks as
   being as true to their live show as possible. The result of this approach
   will no doubt send shivers down the spine of many a FFAF fan. Embracing the
   heady mix of raw heaviness and pure melody which helped establish the band s
   name when they were starting out, Matt describes the album as a fist in the
   face followed by a kiss on the cheek . The heavier vocals take an integral
   role on several of the tracks. Drummer / vocalist Ryan Richards commented on
   his contribution to Front Row Seats To The End of The World It was a lot of
   fun for me to do a lead vocal again on a track, as it's probably something
   I've not done since way back on the first record. The visceral explosion of
   riffs, screams and melody is one that fans of the band already know and love
   but the constant shifts of gear in rhythm and twists and turns in this track
   will keep everyone guessing as to what s round each corner. From the fast,
   punky feeling of Old Hymns , through the seven-string guitar led riff
   spectacular Aftertaste and the even more riff-heavy Spinning , FFAF have
   crafted an album of potential classics with each track as exciting and
   unpredictable as the one before it. Anthemic songs with killer melodies such
   as album closer Welcome Home Armageddon and Sixteen , which actually started
   life as an acoustic number, are further demonstrations of the band s
   songwriting prowess and their ability to incorporate a multitude of different
   musical elements. The apocalyptic sway in the title track of the album
   Welcome Home Armageddon is explained by vocalist Matt Davies-Kreye - A friend
   of mine was mentioning how he felt that the best thing for the planet was for
   the human race to just drop dead and at times I can see and understand his
   way of thinking but a big part of me has this (probably) misguided faith in
   humanity to kind of steer the ship in the right direction for a change. So
   'Welcome Home Armageddon' is the idea of patiently waiting for the end to
   arrive at your doorstep and give you a nice big hug.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. This Side Of Brightness                                           ( 0:44)
  02. Old Hymns                                                         ( 2:32)
  03. Front Row Seats To The End of The World                           ( 3:30)
  04. Sixteen                                                           ( 2:50)
  05. Aftertaste                                                        ( 3:37)
  06. Spinning Over The Island                                          ( 5:03)
  07. Man Alive                                                         ( 2:49)
  08. Owls (Are Watching)                                               ( 3:32)
  09. Damned If You Do, Dead If You Don t                               ( 3:29)
  10. Medicated                                                         ( 3:36)
  11. Broken Foundation                                                 ( 3:29)
  12. Welcome Home Armageddon                                           ( 5:25)

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