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  Artist:      Unwritten Law
  Album:       Swan
  Label:       Break Silence/Suburban Noize
  Playtime:    39:53 min
  Genre:       Rock
  URL:         http://www.myspace.com/unwrittenlaw
  Rip date:    2011-03-24
  Street date: 2011-03-29
  Size:        63.95 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     214 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

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   More of a power pop band than anything else, though they're nestled in
   Southern California's skate/snowboard punk scene, Unwritten Law formed early
   in the 1990s, with drummer Wade Youman the only holdover from the band's
   early days. The group eventually coalesced around vocalist Scott Russo,
   guitarists Rob Brewer and Steve Morris, bassist John Bell, and Youman.

   After releasing their debut, Blue Room, on an independent label, Unwritten
   Law toured America several times but grew disgusted by the lack of
   distribution of their records. The quartet eventually signed to Epic, which
   re-released Blue Room and in 1996 issued their second album, Oz Factor. The
   group jumped labels yet again in 1997, to Interscope, and recorded their
   third album, the self-titled "black" album, in 1998. Just before its release
   in June of that year, Bell left and was replaced by Sprung Monkey's Pat Kim.
   The album spawned a few semi-hits among the skate crowd like "Lonesome" and
   "Cailin." Three years later, the band issued their fourth full-length, Elva,
   in early 2002. Debut single "Seein' Red" was a hit among TRL and mainstream

   Before the year came to a close, Unwritten Law inked a major deal with Lava
   Records. The largely acoustic Music in High Places followed in early 2003.
   Recorded on location at Yellowstone National Park, the album was part of
   MTV's Music from High Places series, a sort of National Geographic Explorer
   for the Warped Tour set. While the band started recording their fifth studio
   effort in 2004, Tony Palermo (Pulley, the Jealous Sound) replaced Wade Youman
   on drums. The Sean Beavan-produced Here's to the Mourning followed in
   February 2005, which did reasonably well, mostly due to the single "Save Me."
   Brewer was kicked out of the band during a subsequent tour with Sum 41,
   apparently due to "volatile circumstances" between him and the rest of the
   group, and they decided to continue on as a four-piece instead of replacing
   him. Unwritten Law's installment for the 20th Century Masters: The Millennium
   Collection series was issued in fall 2006 by one of their old labels,
   Interscope, a suspect move considering the band was due to release their own
   greatest-hits compilation, The Hit List (which included various re-recordings
   and a new song), in early January 2007.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Starships & Apocalypse                                            ( 4:02)
  02. Nevermind                                                         ( 2:53)
  03. Dark Dayz                                                         ( 3:07)
  04. Last Chance                                                       ( 4:00)
  05. Sing                                                              ( 4:14)
  06. Superbad                                                          ( 3:09)
  07. Let You Go                                                        ( 4:06)
  08. Chicken (Ready to Go)                                             ( 3:34)
  09. On My Own                                                         ( 3:55)
  10. Love Love Love                                                    ( 3:36)
  11. Swan Song                                                         ( 3:17)

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