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  Artist:      Manchester Orchestra
  Album:       Simple Math
  Label:       Columbia Records
  Playtime:    44:38 min
  Genre:       Indie
  URL:         http://www.themanchesterorchestra.com
  Rip date:    2011-05-05
  Street date: 2011-05-10
  Size:        86.15 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     256 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

  "When speaking about Manchester OrchestraÆs newest album ôSimple Math,ö lead
  singer Andy Hull outlined the concept of the album as being a way to work
  through the problems he and his wife faced in their first two years of
  marriage, therein lies the problem. ôSimple Mathö finds Hull writing some of
  the most honest lyrics he has written in his atmospheric explosion of a
  career. Every song seems to be written with his wife in mind restraining some
  of the raw violence and aggression that made ManchesterÆs previous albums so
  Now that Hull has found a target to aim for with his wicked and sharp lyrics,
  the concepts behind the songs have been honed down considerably, though not
  necessarily a good thing. Gone are the bombastic anthems such as ôIÆve Got
  Friendsö and ôThe Riverö as well as the snarling angst of ô100 Dollarsö and
  ôPrideö of previous release ôMean Everything to Nothing.ö However there is a
  different type of power to be found on ôSimple Math.ö After some halfhearted
  self-depreciation on ôDeerö and a drunken sing-along in ôPensacola,ö the album
  begins to develop its teeth in ôPale Black Eye.ö The song begins with a laugh
  and guitar licks that bring to mind Thin Lizzy and then the listener is
  startled when the name of HullÆs wife Amy is directly referenced. The song
  takes a dark turn as HullÆs cracking scream begs Amy to ôbleed your pain /
  into meö before directly stating ôgoddamn IÆm tired of lying / I wish I loved
  you like I used to.ö It is at this point in the album that the listener is the
  most emotionally invested. The song that follows, ôVirgin,ö is one of the
  darkest on the album, employing a childrenÆs choir to hauntingly sing the
  chorus in a manner more akin to a meat hook than a pop one.
  The title track is next and is the most orchestral and epic-sounding song on
  the record. From a beginning that starts in whispers before building to a
  mind-shattering crescendo, the song crushes and poignant lyrics float between
  the layered violins and wonderfully distorted guitars. But after this
  emotional peak, the albumÆs remaining few songs are merely satisfactory. There
  arenÆt any catchy hooks or emotional peaks that make the closing of
  ManchesterÆs earlier albums so incredibly memorable. The final few songs serve
  as a vehicle for HullÆs angst to gain closure, as per the concept album story
  arc, but there is little past that for the listener.
  But that seems to be the point of the album; it wasnÆt written for the fans,
  the label or anyone but the people writing the songs. After achieving this
  level of recognition, many bands put out an albums full of self-indulgent
  pandering for the more mainstream fan base. But Manchester Orchestra has
  defied those expectations by producing an album more deeply personal and more
  honest than it has ever done before. Although upon reaching the conclusion of
  the record, it may come off as restrained, it has to be. Had Hull spent the
  recordÆs entirety screaming until he was coughing up blood, he likely would
  have found himself divorced and alone. Manchester Orchestra created the only
  record it could have made, and in spite of its flaws and scars, it still
  stands as a solid rock ænÆ roll record and a testament to the staying power of
  this young band."

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Deer                                                              ( 3:17)
  02. Mighty                                                            ( 3:39)
  03. Pensacola                                                         ( 3:36)
  04. April Fool                                                        ( 4:21)
  05. Pale Black Eye                                                    ( 4:17)
  06. Virgin                                                            ( 4:28)
  07. Simple Math                                                       ( 5:05)
  08. Leave It Alone                                                    ( 4:06)
  09. Apprehension                                                      ( 4:35)
  10. Leaky Breaks                                                      ( 7:14)

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