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  Artist:      Small Brown Bike
  Album:       Fell & Found
  Label:       No Idea
  Playtime:    40:46 min
  Genre:       Punk
  URL:         http://www.myspace.com/smallbrownbike
  Rip date:    2011-05-05
  Street date: 2011-05-03
  Size:        80.92 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     264 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

  Growing up together in Marshall, MI, the members of Small Brown Bike have been
  friends, bandmates, and minor bike mechanics the majority of their lives. When
  brothers Mike and Ben Reed (vocals/guitar and bass/vocals, respectively),
  Travis Dopp (guitar), and Dan Jaquint (drums) were looking for band names for
  the project they started in the fall of 1996, they looked back on their
  collective small-town childhood and came up with Small Brown Bike, named for a
  sentimental Frankenstein bicycle that they had pieced together from parts as
  kids. After self-releasing their No Place Like You 7" in 1997 and following up
  in 1998 with the (and don't forget me) 7" and appearing on a couple
  compilations, the band attracted the attention of Gainesville, FL's No Idea
  Records through relentless regional touring and a fraternal relationship with
  Hot Water Music. No Idea released Our Own Wars in 1999 before Dopp stepped
  down from guitar and friend Scott Flaster took over. The compilation
  Collection, including singles and vinyl-only tracks, also appeared that year.
  Recorded with producer Ed Rose in between touring with HWM and Saves the Day,
  they followed up with their Dead Reckoning CD/LP in the fall of 2001. Dopp
  returned to the ranks of Small Brown Bike in January 2002 with a new drummer,
  Jeff Gensterblum, signing on in March as Jaquint decided to pursue a full-time
  job and school. The band hooked up with the Casket Lottery for an October
  split EP. The split was very well received (described as "essential" by some
  critics) and further caught the attention of Lookout Records, who then
  released their next album, The River Bed, in September 2003. An EP, Nail
  Yourself to the Ground, additionally appeared that June on No Idea. After
  several months of touring in support, however, Small Brown Bike announced
  their dissolution by the year's end. Their last show was played in 2004 at
  Chicago's Fireside Bowl.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Onward & Overboard                                                ( 3:24)
  02. Rescue Mission                                                    ( 3:25)
  03. Fell & Found (The Walk)                                           ( 3:03)
  04. In Need of Everything                                             ( 3:51)
  05. As We Go                                                          ( 3:39)
  06. A Minor Movement                                                  ( 2:38)
  07. Sleep River Sleep                                                 ( 3:21)
  08. On Repeat                                                         ( 4:15)
  09. You Always Knew Me                                                ( 3:06)
  10. Just Bones                                                        ( 4:12)
  11. All of Us                                                         ( 5:52)

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