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ARTiST.......: Touché Amoré
ALBUM........: Parting The Sea Between Brightness And Me
GENRE........: Hardcore
LABEL........: Deathwish Inc.

YEAR.........: 2011
RiP.DATE.....: 2011-05-20
STORE.DATE...: 2011-06-07

SOURCE.......: CD
GRABBER......: EAC V0.99 prebeta 4
ENCODER......: LAME v3.98.4
SiZE.........: 41.97 megs
BiTRATE......: 268 kbps avg


1.  ~                                                         1:29
2.  Pathfinder                                                1:06
3.  The Great Repetition                                      1:48
4.  Art Official                                              1:38
5.  Uppers/Downers                                            1:06
6.  Crutch                                                    1:11
7.  Method Act                                                1:53
8.  Face Ghost                                                2:21
9.  Sesame                                                    1:06
10. Wants/Needs                                               1:49
11. Condolences                                               1:47
12. Home Away From Here                                       1:50
13. Amends                                                    1:44


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Awesome album. #yesitsthatgood

In February of 2011, Touche Amore piled into their beat up tour
van in an Los Angeles suburb and set off on a twenty six hour
journey to Eudora, Kansas. With a population of just over four
thousand people, Eudora may be a peculiar place for a punk band to
go, but nestled in its rural isolation is acclaimed engineer Ed
Rose and his Black Lodge Studios (formerly Redhouse Recording
Studio). There under Rose's attentive ears, Touche Amore poured
their patchwork soul into their latest work, "Parting the Sea
Between Brightness and Me".

In "Parting the Sea Between Brightness and Me", Touche Amore's
creative formula is driven by emotional affect, not contemporary
studio effects. In the purest form possible, raw shouted vocals
and clean manic guitars fight for volume over roomy bass and
percussion. Creating a sound that is shockingly simple as it is
emotionally engaging. The serene and fragile opening notes of
"Tilde" serve as the album's introductory serenade before Touche
Amore pound and jangle into the hook-laden song. And seconds
later, when vocalist/lyricist Jeremy Bolm screams "...I'm parting
the sea between brightness and me...", a tone of desperation sets
in that resonates throughout the duration of the album. His
straight forward cries convincingly tell his own personal story.
To some, this lyrical writing could read as a diary based purely
in self deprecation, but his words cut and pull from a much deeper
place in the heart. Serving as an open window into his constant
soul searching amid life's constant trials and tribulations. Songs
like "Home Away From Here" and "Sesame" are great examples of
this, infectious in their sound and moving lyrical spirit. While
"Method Act" and the emotional "Condolences" show the band
experimenting with epic leanings while maintaining their beloved
trademark character. Without a doubt, Touche Amore's "Parting the
Sea Between Brightness and Me" is a stunning full length
achievement on any scale. Proving that there is true beauty within
the concept of artistic simplicity.



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