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  Artist:      Atlas Losing Grip
  Album:       State Of Unrest
  Label:       Black Star Foundation
  Playtime:    40:26 min
  Genre:       Punk
  URL:         http://www.atlaslosinggrip.se
  Rip date:    2011-06-04
  Street date: 2011-05-28
  Size:        88.32 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     289 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

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  Atlas Losing Grip is a Swedish punk rock / melodic hardcore band formed in
  Lund in 2005.
  The band is fronted by Rodrigo Alfaro (Satanic Surfers, Intensity) whose
  well-known voice feels more sincere than ever.

  They have released one full length (æShut the World OutÆ) in 2008 and a MCD
  (æWatching the HorizonÆ) in 2009, both receiving great reviews from every
  corner of the globe.
  They have toured all of over europe numerous times and supported Bad Religion
  on their Scandinavian tour in the summer of 2010. The music can best be
  described as classic melodic punk rock with a diverse range of influences that
  takes the listener through shredding fast sections, catchy midtempo singalongs
  and heavier hardcore-ish stuff, all with political and personal lyrics, sung
  straight from the heart.

  Previous EP ôWatching the horizonö got license released by various labels all
  over the world, now itÆs time for a new album ôState of unrestö. They started
  recording the album on Dec 25th and finished on February 8th 2011. Jason
  Livermore of ôBlasting Roomö - Fort Collins, CO handles the mastering of the
  album. He has worked with all the greatest bands in the genre, including: Rise
  Against, Good Riddance, Propagandhi and many many more. Producing
  genre-defining albums year after year û having him putting his finishing touch
  on our album felt like an important, easy and natural decision.
  Atlas Losing Grip and we thinks that this album will be highly appreciated
  within the melodic punk scene. It really has strong, personal songs and lyrics
  which many people can relate to. The band are willing to do almost whatever it
  takes to spread their music and passion for it across the universe, fully
  prepared to tour a lot and be available in ways needed.

  The record comes in a good looking digipack version for the CD & an even
  better looking Gatefold packaging for the Vinyl version.

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Logic                                                             ( 4:04)
  02. Bitter Blood                                                      ( 3:03)
  03. All In A Days Work                                                ( 2:33)
  04. Unrest                                                            ( 2:54)
  05. Different Hearts, Different Minds                                 ( 3:09)
  06. Numb                                                              ( 3:11)
  07. Contemplation                                                     ( 3:07)
  08. Feed The Fire                                                     ( 3:11)
  09. Closer To The End                                                 ( 3:01)
  10. Hook, Line & Sinker                                               ( 2:53)
  11. Black Hole                                                        ( 3:13)
  12. Voracious Appetite                                                ( 2:16)
  13. Heartsease                                                        ( 3:51)

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