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Artist .: Raein
Album ..: Ah, As If..
Year ...: 2011

Ripped .: 2011/04/07          Source .: CD
Retail .: 2011/00/00          Lang ...: English
Genre ..: Hardcore            Size ...: 62.43 MB
Label ..: n/a                 Ripper .: TEAM-FiH!

Encoder: LAME v3.97 -V2 --vbr-new
Quality: 229kbps/44.1KHz/Joint Stereo
Grabber: Exact Audio Copy V0.99 beta 5

Track:              Track Titles:                 Length:

01-  Faithless                                       1:54
02-  New Day Scenario                                5:23
03-  Blue Lines                                      2:25
04-  This Life My Cage                               2:18
05-  On Air                                          3:18
06-  Armando 10 Bota                                 0:35
07-  Parte 1                                         2:56
08-  Parte 2                                         3:43
09-  Endless Tourlife                                6:36
10-  Remix 1                                         4:52
11-  Remix 2                                         2:12

Time: 0h 36min

this cd collects all the material from the mid-era raein,
including all the songs from their split records plus the
amazing dden marscherar St vSst 7" plus a couple of really
hard to find songs. more than 35 minutes of heart-breaking
and breath-taking screamo from one of the best bands ever
for this genre

Support the artists! Support the underground! \m/

TEAM FiH 2011

Life Demise Released From Living
Cleansed From The Pain Reborn
In The Arms Of The Dark Divine!
Life Demise I Fade Into Eternity
Darkest Angel Lead Me On...

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