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  Artist:      Thursday
  Album:       No Devoluci¾n
  Label:       Epitaph
  Playtime:    53:08 min
  Genre:       Rock
  Rip date:    2011-04-07
  Street date: 2011-04-14
  Size:        87.30 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     219 kbps / 4410kHz / Joint Stereo

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   "It would be safe to say there are some bands that truly do not sit still
   when it comes to shaping their sound. Thursday is one of those bands. After
   penning a post-hardcore masterpiece in Full Collapse and breaking into the
   mainstream with War All The Time, Geoff Rickly and company revamped
   themselves into a less abrasive, more melodic and certainly more experimental
   band with A City By The Light Divided. Their ongoing quest for a constantly
   changing musical identity has again and again brought listeners to new
   realms, and ThursdayÆs newest opus No Devoluci¾n is no exception. A beautiful
   display of a bandÆs ability to evolve while creating a surreal environment
   from start to finish, No Devoluci¾n proves to be the most moving album
   Thursday has penned since they gave us Full Collapse nearly ten years ago.
   What sets No Devoluci¾n apart from the records theyÆve released since Full
   Collapse is the success Thursday is able to achieve in creating a memorable
   atmosphere musically. The bombastic opening of ôFast to the Endö is quickly
   subsided by driving drums and lush, dense melodies. RicklyÆs gentle vocals
   mix well given their production to a slightly raspy output as well, giving
   this album a very memorable beginning. From the first track, producer Dave
   Fridmann does an amazing job melding the sounds this band cranks out
   regardless of the mood û a sure sign of the comfort level built between the
   band and Fridmann over the now three albums theyÆve recorded together. The
   experimenting with lush melodies continues in ôNo Answersö as a droning hum
   pushes things along while Rickly again takes center stage. ôA Darker Forestö
   brings a darker timbre to the table, with eerie guitars and a snare-driven
   drum beat building the tension at the introduction. When it resolves to the
   chorus, the melodies stay dark while the drums and vocals go to another
   level. What is strange about the delving into darker melodies on this record
   is that after listening to ThursdayÆs split with Envy, none of this seems
   like it was ever out of reach for these guys.
   ôPast and Future Ruinsö, a track featured recently on a split with Underoath,
   features spurts of abrasion and melody between sections of driving toms and
   moving keys. It also shows us one of the few hints of unclean vocals on the
   record in the culmination of the chorus as the fuzzy, grizzly vocals help
   push the chorus over the edge. ôMagnets Caught in a Metal Heartö is more in
   the vein of indie-rock, channeling crisp, yet delicate guitar melodies and
   echoed vocals to create a rather surreal sound that embraces the atmosphere
   it creates. Thursday even channels a somewhat industrial feel in ôA Gun in
   the First Actö by their use of grimy programming on top of the off-kilter
   drumming from Tucker Rule. The one true sidewinder comes in the form of
   ôMillimeterö, which harkens sounds of Flock of Seagulls more than anything
   else. It takes some time to get used to (what part of this record really
   doesnÆt?), but you could argue they own the song nonetheless. It all seems
   effortless regardless of the path they take, as Thursday proves to be a
   master at creating moving atmospheric backdrops for their melodies and
   vocals. If you were looking for a return to the past given the bandÆs touring
   on Full Collapse or even a rehashing of Common Existence, you will be in for
   quite a shock when your ears hear what No Devoluci¾n has to offer.
   On their sixth time recording a full length, Thursday has never seemed so
   sure of what they were creating as they sound on No Devoluci¾n. It seems time
   has only made this band more focused and realized, and the tracks here prove
   once again that Thursday will not sit still regardless of what anyone has to
   say about them."

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Fast To The End                                                   ( 3:21)
  02. No Answers                                                        ( 4:52)
  03. A Darker Forest                                                   ( 3:39)
  04. Sparks Against The Sun                                            ( 4:45)
  05. Open Quotes                                                       ( 3:02)
  06. Past And Future Ruins                                             ( 4:15)
  07. Magnets Caught In A Metal Heart                                   ( 3:41)
  08. Empty Glass                                                       ( 4:59)
  09. A Gun In The First Act                                            ( 5:01)
  10. Millimeter                                                        ( 2:47)
  11. Turnpike Divides                                                  ( 4:54)
  12. Stay True                                                         ( 7:52)

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