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  Artist:      Outspoken Silence
  Album:       The Tides Will Take Us Home
  Label:       Warren Records
  Playtime:    27:21 min
  Genre:       Rock
  URL:         http://www.facebook.com/outspokensilence
  Rip date:    2011-05-19
  Street date: 2010-09-10
  Size:        57.42 MB
  Type:        Normal
  Quality:     278 kbps / 4410Hz / Joint Stereo

- Release Notes ------------------------------------------------------------- -

  Tim Church, Nick Cobley, Joe Dean, Rich Lutkin, Jack paterson and Andy Walker
  formed O.S. in 2005. In their 5 years together they have toured endlessly
  around the UK and Europe, recorded 4 EP's,played some huge shows including
  'Taste of Chaos' with As I Lay Dying, Story Of The Year and Atreyu.

  Earlier this year the band won the KitKat National Battle Of The Bands, judged
  by some of the music
  industries biggest names, earning them slots at V festival and Reading
  Festival as well as on going support from producer and artist Frankmusik.

  Outspoken Silence are now promoting their new release æThe Tides Will Take Us
  HomeÆ produced at Studio 6 by Stu McKay (Eternal Lord). This recording is
  their finest to date, boasting songs that hold onto their metal/harcore roots
  while incorporating a mature development in comercial songwriting.

  ôI really liked Outspoken Silence, their performance stood out as a high
  energy, loud and exciting
  live experienceö Annie Christensen - Universal Music

  ôO.S. are sharp, concise and utterly believable, and great to watch too! A
  real live band, I could
  immediately tell how much they loved what they were doing. They communicate
  their passion
  infectiously. I like the lack of pretence, guitar solos and how no-one in the
  band takes centre stage,
  instead they all do.ö Marcus Mayes - Ketchup PR

  "Outspoken Silence show raw energy and confidence. Even though I don't
  regularly listen to heavy
  metal music, I was thoroughly impressed by their raw talent. Working with
  Outspoken Silence is
  going to be a real pleasure and I canÆt wait to get to work on remixing one of
  their tracks. "

- Track List ---------------------------------------------------------------- -

  01. Losing Faith                                                      ( 1:41)
  02. Andy Fell Asleep In Hell                                          ( 3:42)
  03. Dead To The World                                                 ( 2:32)
  04. Speak Easy                                                        ( 3:40)
  05. This Is Clarity                                                   ( 4:19)
  06. Whatever It Takes                                                 ( 4:38)
  07. Dead To The World (Acoustic)                                      ( 3:23)
  08. ...If You Won't Help Yourself (Acoustic)                          ( 3:26)

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